Dr. Lisa B. Shaffer earned her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Psychology of Women in 2004 from the California School of Professional Psychology (now known as Alliant International University).  She has trained in a number of settings, including community mental health clinics, college counseling centers, and private practice.  A native of Las Vegas, she returned to complete her post-doctoral hours under the supervision of Dr. Stephanie Holland, focusing her practice on forensic assessments through Clark County Family Courts and the Department of Child and Family Services. 

Since obtaining licensure in 2006, she has opened her own private practice with a focus on trauma and abuse, specializing on sexual abuse in particular.  She worked in a variety of settings while building her practice, including working part-time at a rural clinic outside of the Las Vegas area; providing therapy to foster youth at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children; establishing a clinical program for Independent Living homes; overseeing clinical supervision for a number of mental health rehabilitative agencies and foster homes; and assisting with crisis and intake assessments for homeless and foster youth.  Dr. Shaffer has continued, to complete a variety of clinical and forensic assessments, including disability, child custody, immigration hardship, psychoeducational, and general psychological evaluations.  Since working full-time with her private practice, she has continued her work in the legal system and social services, building relationships with a variety of social services agencies in the community.  She frequently works with the Department of Child and Family Services and the Clark County Child Advocacy Center, providing therapy to children who have reported sexual and physical abuse. 

For several years, Dr. Shaffer was a member of the Nevada Psychological Association Training Consortium, working with several colleagues to establish an APA-accredited internship training program.  She volunteered on a committee to develop the Consortium’s training manual, and she served as Vice President on the Board for several years.  Dr. Shaffer’s clinical and professional goal has been to address the limited services available in Nevada by establishing a center for trauma and abuse, incorporating therapy, evaluations, prevention/outreach, community education, self-defense and creative therapy programs, and an APA-accredited internship training site.  While still in the early phases, Dr. Shaffer continues to work tirelessly towards her dream and is excited to create a place where she can help countless individuals struggling with trauma, grief, abuse, and similar issues to achieve a healthy and happy life.